Send Avecia Pharma Samples

Step 1: Request a Quote

Provide a thorough overview of the scope to be performed (i.e. sample name, project objective/analyses to be performed, requested timeline, and any additional pertinent information). Shortly after you submit your inquiry to Avecia Pharma, a Client Services representative will contact you shortly to issue you a quotation (new clients may also be required to complete and provide a Credit Application form). In addition, you can also request that Avecia Pharma provide you with a standard confidentiality agreement to put in place.

Step 2: Fill Out a Chain of Custody Form

Please fill out the chain of custody form.

Step 3: Send Sample(s)

Mail sample(s) to Avecia Pharma at:

  • Attn: Sample Receiving
  • Nitto Avecia Pharma Services
  • 10 Vanderbilt
  • Irvine, CA 92618
  • Tel: (949) 951-4425
  • Fax: (949) 951-4909

Please note the following items are required to be provided prior or upon sample(s) submittal:

  • Completed Chain of Custody
  • Correct Sample Size
  • PO/Check/CC Number
  • SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
  • Signed Quote
  • Any Additional Documentation (If Applicable)

Step 4: Receive Sample Receipt Notice

Avecia Pharma's sample receiving group will send you a sample receipt notice confirming that sample(s) has been received and that testing will be initiated. Once testing has initiated, your designated Client Services representative will keep you informed on the status of your project through completion.

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