Master and working cell banks

Our team has experience in all aspects of cell culture with emphasis on Master and Working Cell Bank generation and parameter optimization. They have expertise in mammalian cells, maintenance, freezing and storage, seeding density, passage scheduling, and culturing/freezing reagents.

Method development and validation

Our team can develop and validate a variety of method types, including cell-based assays, ELISA analyses, Luminex/BioPlex assays, and kinase/phosphatase assays. We can also transfer methods, under protocol, to or from our laboratory. For a complete list of testing options download our data sheet.

Cell-based assay release and stability

We can analyze your cell-based assays for the purpose of cGMP release. We can also design and perform comprehensive stability studies to generate the data needed to support your regulatory filings. Our broad range of method capabilities allows us to fully assess critical product attributes such as potency, binding, cytotoxicity, and cytokine release.

Wide range of services

Our team provides an array of services to support the BioPharma industry. We offer method development, validation, and stability study services for antibody and protein testing. We can also provide reagent and raw material testing for gene therapy products. Let us help advance your program.

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