Comprehensive stability study services

Our experts can help you design a comprehensive stability study to meet regulatory expectations. Our on-site cGMP validated environmental and photostability chambers are monitored 24 hours a day. Our team will manage samples, perform testing, analyze the data, and provide you with a comprehensive report. We also perform freeze/thaw studies and  develop and validate stability indicating methods.

Compendial testing

The Nitto Avecia Pharma Services team is committed to providing expert and timely analytical chemistry support. We offer high-quality, affordable compendial testing according to USP/NF, EP, BP, JP, ACS and customer-specified monographs in support of raw materials, in-process analysis, and finished product release testing.

Experience with most sample types

We specialize in testing drug substances, drug products, and nearly all dosage forms including tablets, capsules, semi-solids, parenterals, sterile, transdermal, and inhalation products. Our device specialists oversee routine chemical and functional testing of packaging (elastomers, glass, plastics) and component testing.

Extensive testing capabilities

Our state-of-the-art chemistry labs have the instrumentation needed to perform elemental analysis, physical characterization, thermal analysis, structure elucidation, and all kinds of chromatographic separations. Download our data sheet for a complete list of instrumentation.

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