Drug Delivery Technologies

Avecia Pharma has experience in a wide range of drug delivery device technologies to offer your programs comprehensive technical support.


Avecia Pharma is known as a dependable resource throughout the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries for its experience in transdermal and inhalation/ nasal product development support, including formulation as well as device evaluation.

We combine our core competencies in drug delivery technologies’ development with an ongoing commitment to state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology. Additionally, we provide an innovative approach to cross-functional scientific expertise and experience, high quality systems, and above-and-beyond project management. This culmination makes Avecia Pharma the source to trust for the exceptional quality and reporting your projects demand.

At Avecia Pharma, our mission is to provide our clients with outsourcing solutions that make their drug development priorities possible.

Transdermal Testing Expertise

  • Assay
  • Chromatographic purity
  • Drug release profile (dissolution)
  • Residual solvents
  • Stability studies


  • Suspension and aqueous solutions
  • Nebulizers
  • Dry powder inhalers
  • Pressurized metered dose inhalers


  • Adhesive systems
  • Matrix and layered systems
  • Reservoir systems
  • Iontophoretic systems

Inhalation/Nasal Comprehensive Testing Studies

  • Drug product characterization
  • Release and stability studies
  • Method development, optimization and validation
  • Formulation evaluation studies
  • Extractables/Leachables studies
  • Aerodynamic particle size distribution by NGI/ACI
  • Droplet size determination
  • Deliverable-dose uniformity
  • Pressure testing
  • Retention of prime
  • Valve delivery
  • Shot weight
  • Leak rate
  • Device counters
  • Spray pattern
  • Emitted/delivered dose Cyr test (storage orientation)
  • Drug content assay
  • Primary particle size determination
  • Bulk density
  • Water content
  • Microscopic evaluation
  • Spacer evaluations
  • Particulate matters (HIAC)
  • Rate of delivery/total delivery

Inhalation/Nasal State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

  • Malvern Spraytec™
  • Copley Andersen Cascade Impactors™ (28, 60 LPM) MSP Next Generation Impactor (NGI)™
  • Multi-stage liquid impinger
  • Digital flow meters
  • Dose uniformity sampling apparatus (MDI/DPI)
  • Copley Scientific model TPK critical flow controller
  • InnovaSystem Mighty-Runt Actuator Station
  • Malvern Mastersizer 2000
  • Malvern Zetasizer ZS90
  • Copley Scientific Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software (CITDAS)
  • Harvard large animal ventilator
  • Copley Breath Simulator (BRS100)

Transdermal State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

  • HPLC: Waters, Agilent, Dionex (UV/VIS, PDA, FI, RI, CAD, ELSD, EC, and conductivity
  • HIAC
  • High resolution chromatography
  • Dissolution (apparatus VI)
  • LC/MS: MSD with APCI & ESI
  • LC/MS/MS: Sciex 3000 and 4000 with ESI and APCI
  • GC/MS: Agilent MSD with El and Cl ionization source
  • IC (detectors: conductivity and ECD)
  • GC: direct injection and head space capability (detectors: FID, TCD, ECD and NPD)